English Teaching Internships in Perú

CULTURAL offers paid internship programs to English Native Speakers who have recently graduated from ELT, TESOL, English and Education Programs. Or to those experienced teachers who would like to spend a year teaching in Peru.

Our ELT programs are:

Regular Program (Monday to Friday)

The internship consists in teaching English in our Teenager and Adult Program (Regular Program) to students from 14 years of age and over, Monday to Friday, four shifts a day (minimum commitment). Each shift lasts one hour and thirty minutes. It could also be extended to one more shift a day according to the institution’s needs and the intern’s willingness.

We start and finish lessons every month. Each cycle lasts 20 effective days of teaching.

Children’s Program (Saturdays)

In addition to our Regular Program Interns can also opt to teach on Saturday mornings (9:00hr to 13:00hrs) in our Children’s Program (kids from 3 to 13 years of age). Each Children cycle lasts two months so we start and finish every two months. Interns can commit to teach in the Children programs one month or two.

Intensive Program (evenings 2 hours and 30 minutes- Monday to Friday)

These are usually not assigned to interns however if they are the intern will teach only three shifts in the regular program and one shift in the intensive cycle.

The time when the Intensive Shift is usually scheduled is at 19:15.

Weekend Program (Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings)

Interns can also opt to teach in our Weekend  Program (Saturday 15:00 to 19:00 and Sunday 09:00 to 12:30) This is considered as one full shift and for working on weekends interns are given one day off a week.


Interns usually work in the Regular Program the other programs are optional.


All work is paid for, from time to time an Academic Coordinator or a fellow teacher will ask the intern to substitute an absent teacher (take an extra class for that day or the next two on top of the already assigned intern’s cycle due to illness, serious personal problems, etc.) This scenario many times happens at the last minute, however, documentation has to be filled and authorization has to be signed in order to proceed and receive adequate compensation for the extra class taken. Interns are not obligated to accept if prior commitments or personal plans impede them to do so.


Interns must arrive in Arequipa in the middle of any given month so training: class observations and guidance can be received within this two remaining weeks and the following month cycles assigned. All training is paid for.

Interns accept to obey and follow all Binational Center’s Rules and Regulations. These are clearly given during their first two weeks of training.

Interns are expected to honor their contract stated length of internship.


The interns assigned salary is equal to the one assigned to Peruvian teachers, this being, well over the country’s average minimum wage and ample enough to allow them to live comfortably according to Peruvian standards. The Binational center applies a level based ranking salary policy, taking into consideration as the most important the following information: English level, Academic Background, Experience in the field and Professional qualifications these as well as other professional information will determine the intern’s level hence the salary he or she will receive. This is determined before the intern’s arrival to the country and before any commitment is made by any parts.


All teaching materials provided, between the beginning and end of every working month there are two to four days off (depending on the Academic Calendar) which the intern may use to travel or to just relax. A regular full time work schedule is only 6 hours, training is constantly given, excellent work atmosphere, private medical insurance (50%) Constant assessment and guidance for the duration of the internship.  Free service placing with host family or in private apartment.


Violation of any rules and regulations will result in dismissal and complete disassociation from the Binational center and work connection.



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